Find the perfect headboard

We’ve developed a range of stylish headboards designed to complement any bedroom.

From the modern and contemporary, to the classic and chic, our Lindisfarne, Borwick, Bonham and Brookvale headboards encapsulate an array of styles.

Sealy headboards can be bought separately or as part of any mattress/divan bed purchase. Each has been made with a safety-first principle, meeting full retardancy tests.

Headboard styles

Looking for contemporary design? The Lindisfarne full length heardboard offers just that. For a more classic-style, opt for the strutted Borwick headboard. Minimalists might like the beautifully simple Bonham headboard. And lastly, the winged Brookvale design will add a modern touch to your divan base.

Each headboard comes with a choice of fabric colour, including; caramel, pewter, espresso and ebony.