Super King Storage Options

The super king is our most spacious bed. It is a whole foot wider than the king, and measures 180 cm (6') wide by 200 cm (6'6"). This extra room gives a luxurious and comfortable feel to your bed and means the storage space is second to none. The Super King bed has 4 storage options: 

Double Ottoman


Double 4 Drawer

4 Drawer

Double No Storagei

No Storage

Continental Drawers

Continental drawers are shorter to allow for bed side tables without compromising on storage space. The continental drawers can be combined with our bedding drawers to provide easily accessible storage space that works with other features in your bedroom.

Bedding Drawers

Bedding drawers are second only to the Ottoman in terms of storage capacity, utilizing almost half of the divan as storage space. You can choose from 4 bedding drawers or two bedding drawers and 2 continental drawers.


Our Super King Ottoman bed uses gas-lift hydraulics to open and close for ease of access and utilizes the entire divan baes as storage space. This means you can store a variety of items in a clean, dust free environment without needing to purchase extra bedroom furniture.